Tucson Men Flee Border Patrol, Toss Pot Out the Window

Residents of Tucson know that Border Patrol agents are often patrolling the roads of Southern Arizona, but that doesn’t stop criminal activity from taking place. Specifically, it’s not uncommon to hear about drug trafficking around the border, but these endeavors are often broken up by dedicated border agents. In December, two Tucson men learned the hard way that escaping Border Patrol isn’t an easy feat, and attempting to ditch evidence may only compound the problem.

Bad Evasion Tactics

Two Tucson men were driving a Dodge Charger that Border Patrol agents attempted to stop, but the car fled toward Tombstone. In the chase, the men threw marijuana out the window in an attempt to get rid of evidence as they fled. Eventually, they stopped the vehicle and attempted to get away on foot, but were quickly caught.

A Big Bust

Trying to throw contraband from a moving vehicle is never wise when trying to get away from the authorities, but this attempt was particularly ineffective, due to the sheer quantity of marijuana in the vehicle. The men were carrying more than 200 pounds of the drug, making it easy to recover and seize upon their arrest.

A String of BP Incidents

This December arrest comes not long after two Tucson teens were arrested after fleeing a Border Patrol checkpoint and crashing their car. After the crash, it was discovered that the teens were smuggling two Mexican citizens in the trunk of their vehicle.

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