Scandal Shakes Up Arizona Basketball

Within the NCAA, there are many strict rules and regulations that must be followed by players and coaches alike, and violations of those rules are not often swept under the rug. Recently, an FBI case blew the lid off a widespread scandal within men’s college basketball with 10 arrests across the country, including local UA Assistant Coach, Emmanuel “Book” Richardson.

A Case of Bribery

The scandal that affected the University of Arizona’s basketball program revolved around a case conspiracy to commit bribery perpetrated by longtime Assistant Coach, Book Richardson. Richardson was accused of taking $20,000 in bribes and paying a recruit to commit to the Arizona team, an action that is strictly prohibited through NCAA regulations. Though Head Coach, Sean Miller was not directly involved in these activities, there are questions of his future with Arizona Basketball.

Possible Implications for Head Coach, Sean Miller

NCAA rules state that head coaches be responsible for all members of their team organization to foster compliance with regulations. Even though Miller himself was not implicated in the FBI case, which made news in October, he could still be held responsible for the actions of the Assistant Coach, because it was taking place within his organization. The enforcement of this particular bylaw has played out negatively for other teams involved in this case, but it is not yet clear how the future of Arizona Basketball will be affected, as the organization may soon be on the hunt for a replacement coaching staff.

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